Our spouses and partners have tremendous influence on our wellness. We dine together, enjoy hobbies and new adventures, and turn to each other for support. A shared wellness journey can keep us both on track to meet our goals and enrich our lives through better health.

If you are a spouse or registered domestic partner of a benefits-eligible university employee, you can participate in the Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA) and the Wellness Profile, for which you may be eligible for a $220 incentive. Here’s how it works:

  • Take your SHALA first, then complete the Wellness Profile (Screening, Advising and Plan) before the Nov. 30, 2018 Program deadline.
  • In order for the spouse to earn this incentive, the employee must complete SHALA, Wellness Profile and Engagement. The employee must complete the Screening & Advising portion of the Wellness Profile by October 31. See Important Program deadlines.

Stanford Facility Access

If you are the spouse or domestic partner of a Stanford faculty or staff member, and you would like to gain access to any of the recreational facilities at Stanford, you’ll need to obtain a Courtesy Card. (See Administrative Guide Memo: 2.4.3 Stanford Identification Cards for policies governing Courtesy Card eligibility.) Most applications and services, with the exception of the StanfordCardPlan, are also available to Courtesy Card holders.

To obtain your Courtesy Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tresidder Union and bring your photo ID (driver’s license or passport), payment (see the ID Card Rates page), and proof of joint residence. Your Stanford spouse/domestic partner must accompany you when you apply, and must show their valid Stanford ID Card.


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