Sun Energy: Intro to Breathing

July 15, 2019|12:00pm

Summer is the season of playfulness. Days are longer, and the earth receives more of the sun’s energy. This is a great season for us to do so, too.

Just as all life on earth is nourished by the sun, so all functions of the body are nourished by breath. In this 2-session class, we will tap into deep, restorative breathing, connecting to the energy and vibrancy of the sun and celebrating the energy that it brings us.

By tuning into your breathing, you can elongate your inhales and exhales and breathe more deeply, bringing in more oxygen, lowering your resting heart rate, and relaxing your nervous system. Focusing on the breath can also help you disengage from distracting thoughts and sensations, calming the mind. Join us and discover how to tap into the breath’s vital energy for body and mind.

Instructor: Moj Razmi has taught yoga, group fitness, and Healthy Living classes for the Health Improvement Program for the past 13 years. She is an ERYT500 certified yoga instructor and Inspired Anusara teacher. She has completed more than 600 hours of yoga, breathing, meditation, ayurvedic, and chakra workshops.

Class details are subject to change.