Sound Immersion Experience – Gongs & Singing Bowls

July 16, 2019|6:00pm

Experience the sound vibrations of singing bowls, gongs, and chimes as they guide us into a deep meditation. A wide range of ancient world traditions from Confucianism to the Pythagoreans claim that sound can not only “tune the soul” but affect our cosmological and social worlds as well. The physiological impact of sound on the body, emotions, and cognition is apparent. Through the vibrations of these instruments, we may experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables us to journey within and center Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, or pillow for your comfort.

Instructor: Danny Goldberg, BFA, is an artist and environmental educator, facilitating creative group activities for schools, retreats, hotels, and private groups around the Bay Area. He offers his sound immersion experience at yoga studios, healing centers, and events throughout the U.S.

Class details are subject to change.