Own Your Morning, Own Your Day

July 29, 2019|12:00pm

Do you tend to awaken in the morning already feeling rushed and behind? Before you know it, the day has passed by in a frenzied blur, creating stress and anxiety.

Many health experts, influencers, and successful entrepreneurs champion the benefits of an energizing and structured morning routine. Taking time early in the day for exercise, self-reflection, meditation, good nutrition, or creative pursuits can positively influence your attitude, energy level, and performance throughout the day.

In this 2-session class, you will learn how starting your morning with a short set of self-care, stress-relieving practices can have the power to shift the whole day, bringing it into focus and back under your control.

We will review our morning patterns, evaluate their effect on our day and identify new possibilities. Through group discussion and interactive activities, you will be able to design a simple morning routine or ritual that will help you take back the day.

Instructor: Moj Razmi has taught yoga, group fitness, and Healthy Living classes for the Health Improvement Program for the past 14 years. She is an ERYT500 certified yoga instructor and Inspired Anusara teacher and has completed more than 600 hours of yoga, breathing, meditation, ayurvedic, and chakra workshops.

Class details are subject to change.

Full event information: https://healthimprovement.stanford.edu/classes/register/hipClasses.php?t=1cce34dfd3cbss383d348a508b1be48cc821&cc=omod-01

Location: Stanford Redwood City (SRWC) - Cardinal Hall