Be the Change: Live the Upstander Life

July 31, 2019|12:00pm

Have you ever wanted to intervene but don’t know how? Or been in a situation where you want to say/do something, but you feel frozen? There are several factors (e.g. biases, barriers, cultural norms) that influence why and how we choose to intervene or not intervene. Through interactive activities, you will learn about these factors that influence your intervention and become empowered to interrupt and reduce harm to others. This class will increase your self-awareness and provide you with tangible strategies to stand up in your workplace and beyond. Come ready to live your best upstander life. Instructor: Grace Poon Ghaffari, M.A. – Assistant Director, Education & Outreach Manager

How to register:

1. Log-in at
2. Click on Berry Activities
3. Click BeWell Workshops
4. Click Register
5. Choose a Workshop
6. Click “Register” and “Confirm Registration”
7. Mark your calendar!

Full event information:

Location: Kingscote Gardens -419 Lagunita Dr., Room 140 Stanford 94305