BeWell Program

An employee incentive program that encourages Stanford employees and their families to commit to health and wellness


BeWell encourages every benefits-eligible employee and their spouse/registered domestic partner to adopt (or maintain) healthy lifestyle behaviors. By committing to health and wellness, you will not only feel better, but also earn rewards! Benefits-eligible employees may participate in the full program; spouses/registered partners may participate in the SHALA and Wellness Profile.


The gateway to the BeWell program is the Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA). Completing the SHALA, a 30-minute online questionnaire, helps you understand your lifestyle’s impact on your health. Take your SHALA any time on or after January 2, after which you will become eligible to earn financial incentives and other perks. After the SHALA, employees have the flexibility of starting one or more of the pathways outlined below.


Wellness Profile ($200 employee; $220 spouse)

After completing your SHALA, employees and their spouses may begin the Wellness Profile. The three required steps of the Wellness Profile are:

Screening: Free, one-on-one health screenings on campus provided by BeWell’s trained staff; or, have your screening done at your doctor’s office.

Advising: An on-campus Advising session with a BeWell Coach, to support your goals, immediately follows your Screening, or — if you have screening results from your doctor’s office — you may schedule either a phone or in-person Advising appointment with a BeWell Coach.

Plan: An online planning tool further assists in identifying your wellness goals and outlines strategies for achieving them.

Employees intending to complete a Coaching or Commitment Engagement must first complete the Wellness Profile.


Engagement ($260 employee)

When you actively engage in your own wellness, you become more in tune to and committed to your own personal sense of well-being. This year, BeWell has expanded its Engagement offerings so that you can select the way(s) to engage that best fit your personal circumstances and goals. There are four Engagement options. (You may complete more than one option, but will receive the Engagement incentive only for the first one you complete.)

The four Engagement options

Coaching: After completing your Wellness Profile, continue the conversation you started with your BeWell Coach during your Advising session — or address something new. Then, take action on your goals and finish by writing a brief Reflection.

Class: Dive deeper into a wellness issue that is meaningful to you by choosing a class from an approved list of STAP-eligible wellness courses. Course completion includes submission of brief assignments. Complete the Wellness Profile before, during or after completion of your Class.

Commitment to family or community: After completing your Wellness Profile, continue the conversation you started with your BeWell Coach during your Advising session and select either a family or a community commitment from several suggested ideas or one of your own creating. This 6-10-hour commitment includes writing a first reflection, pursuing the planned actions, and writing a final reflection reviewed by our staff.

Healthy Work Environment (HWE): Participate in this customized wellness program with your work group. The full Engagement incentive is earned after completion of two 10-week HWE programs. (Completion of one 10-week HWE program qualifies you for a $130 incentive.) Complete the Wellness Profile before, during or after completion of your HWE weeks.

To earn the Engagement incentive, the Wellness Profile must also be completed. For Coaching or Commitment, the Wellness Profile must be completed first. For Class or Healthy Work Environment, you may begin your Wellness Profile later. Other deadlines may apply: see Important Program Deadlines.


Berries ($100 employee)

Berries are health-related activities that help you put your wellness goals into action. Choose six from a variety of Berry options — including exercise classes, fitness assessments, workshops and more — to earn this incentive.


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INCENTIVES Benefits-eligible employees Spouse/partner of benefits-eligible employee
BERRIES $100 $0


1 Earned by spouse only if employee completes SHALA, Wellness Profile and Engagement per program deadlines and is still employed at Stanford at time of payout (Feb. 2019).
2 Payout occurs Feb. 2019.
Unless otherwise noted, incentives are paid out two pay periods after program segment is completed.

Earning Your Incentives

The program begins with SHALA.  Once you have completed the SHALA, you can earn the following incentives:

Benefits-eligible employees who complete the Wellness Profile (Screening, Advising, Plan) can earn a $200 incentive. The Wellness Profile incentive is payable two pay periods after completion.

Benefits-eligible employees who complete six Berries can earn a $100 incentive. The Berry incentive is paid out two pay periods after all six Berries are completed.

Benefits-eligible employees who complete any one of four Engagement options — Coaching, Class, Commitment to Family or Community, or two sessions in a Healthy Work Environment Group — can earn a $260 incentive. (Employees participating in a HWE group for one 10-week session can earn $130.) The Wellness Profile is required to earn this incentive. The Engagement incentive is paid out in February 2019.

Spouses or registered domestic partners who complete the Wellness Profile can earn a $220 incentive. However, the employee must complete Engagement, per program deadlines, to qualify the spouse for an incentive. Spouse incentives are paid out in February 2019.


While the overall Program deadline is November 30, 2018, there are also interim deadlines during the year. All employees intending to complete Engagement — no matter what Engagement option they are pursuing — must complete Screening & Advising by October 31 if their spouse/partner is participating in the BeWell Program and seeking to earn an incentive. Also, all employees pursuing the Coaching or Commitment Engagements must also complete Screening & Advising by October 31.


Incentive Calculator
Determine your eligibility and maximum incentive
Program Perks
In addition to financial incentives, BeWell offers a variety of Perks such as sports tickets, personal training sessions, wellness lectures and discounted gym memberships.




July 1 Quarter 1 (first 10 weeks) Healthy Work Environment (HWE) group goals submission deadline.
September 15 Quarter 2 (second 10 weeks) Healthy Work Environment (HWE) group goals submission deadline.
October 15 Deadline to upload your Screening-by-physician results if screening is done outside of BeWell.
October 31 Screening and Advising deadline for all employees who want to qualify their spouse/partner to receive the spouse/partner incentive. ­­Please note that employees must complete Engagement for their spouse/partner to receive this incentive.
Same deadline applies for all employees selecting Coaching or Commitment for the Engagement incentive.
November 30 End of the 2018 BeWell program — deadline to complete SHALA, Wellness Profile, Engagement, Berries
February 2019 Engagement and spouse/partner incentives paid out as long as employee is still a benefits-eligible Stanford University employee



July 1 and September 15

Deadlines (first and second quarters, respectively) for submission of Healthy Work Environment (HWE) group goals. HWE is one of four Engagement options.

October 9

Deadline to register for BeWell Walkers if you are ordering a pedometer. (If you have your own pedometer, you can register until October 24.)

October 15

Deadline to submit your Screening results-by-physician as part of your Wellness Profile.

If you wish to submit Screening results from your physician instead of coming in for an in-person appointment, sign in to your account for instructions on uploading your results. Then, register for an Advising appointment either by phone or in-person. If you obtain Screening results from your doctor after the October 15 deadline, you may register for a full Screening and Advising appointment and bring a copy of your results to that appointment.

October 31

Deadline for Screening and Advising appointments (Wellness Profile) for all employees doing any Engagement option and also wishing to qualify their spouse/partner for an incentive. Same deadline applies to those employees, married or not, who are planning to complete either the Coaching or Commitment Engagement.

November 30

End of the 2018 BeWell program. This is the last day to complete any remaining steps of the 2018 BeWell program per program rules.

February 2019

Engagement and Spouse/Partner incentives paid out.



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Incentive Calculator
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  • We have expanded program eligibility in 2018!
    Previously, only benefits-eligible employees who received medical benefits through Stanford could qualify to earn the highest incentive. In 2018, all 
    benefits-eligible employees can earn the highest incentive offered — for completion of SHALA, Wellness Profile, Engagement and Berries — even if they receive medical benefits from an organization other than Stanford.
  • All spouses/partners can earn an incentive!
    Regardless of where they obtain their medical benefits, all  spouses and registered domestic partners of benefits-eligible Stanford employees can earn an incentive for completion of SHALA and the Wellness Profile.
  • More ways to Engage!
    Previously, Engagement in the BeWell Program meant participating in Coaching. Now, there are four  different options for earning the Engagement incentive: Coaching, Class, Commitment to Family or Community, and Healthy Work Environment (HWE). Complete as many as you’d like; get paid for the first one you complete!
  • We have removed the data sharing requirement!
    Your information will not be shared with anyone.
  • The highest incentive will be $20 less than last year.
    This small reduction helps fund the expansion to include those employees/spouses who receive medical benefits from an organization other than Stanford.
  • More money for HWE participation!
    Previously, HWE members earned $100 for participation in one 10-week HWE session. This year, HWE participant will receive either $130 (10-week session of HWE) or $260 (for two 10-week sessions of HWE participation). Additionally, HWE is now an Engagement option. As such, participants will need to complete the SHALA and Wellness Profile (for an additional $200 incentive).


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