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Your BeWell Team

Eric Stein

Senior Associate Athletic Director, Dept. of Athletics, Physical
Education and Recreation

Wes Alles

Senior Research Scholar, Health Improvement Program

Jennifer Sexton

Director of Fitness & Wellness Programs

Julie Croteau

Director of Communications

Lane McKenna

BeWell Managing Editor

Kathryn Lane Shumake

BeWell Marketing Specialist

Karin Buckner

Assistant Director Program Management, BeWell

Rosalyne Tu

Manager of Operations, BeWell Biometrics Program

Jamie Silacci

BeWell Administrative Associate

Julie Anderson

BeWell Program Manager, Health Improvement Program

Sarah Meyer Tapia

Manager of Operations, BeWell Coaching Program

Amanda Miller

Manager of Contingent Coaches

Nancy Kurz

Lead Technology Manager, Health Improvement Program

Syrous Parsay

Assistant Director Engagement/Programming

Jayna Roger-Bunio

Wellness Manager, Health Improvement Program

Deborah Balfanz

Academic Research & Program Officer, Health Improvement Program

Phyllis Stewart Pires

Director, WorkLife Office

Carole Pertofsky

Director, iThrive@Stanford, Vaden Health Center

Fahmida Ahmed

Manager, Sustainable Stanford

Rosan Gomperts

Director, Faculty/Staff Help Center

Fred Luskin

Senior Consultant, Stanford Forgiveness Project


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To guide and empower the Stanford community to live healthy lifestyles and create a vibrant culture of wellness.